Wok Cooking Pot Non-Stick and Easy to Clean 53 X 32 X 13 cm - B09Z6JFDD6U

Wok Cooking Pot Non-Stick and Easy to Clean 53 X 32 X 13 cm - B09Z6JFDD6U

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  • Healthy cooking pot, less oily fumes, non-stick and easy to clean, can be used with a steel scoop, rinse and clean.

  • Suitable for induction cooker, gas cooker, electric ceramic cooker, electric cooker and other heat sources.

  • High strength pot bottom, uniform heating, fast heat conduction efficiency, fast heat build-up and anti-deformation.

  • Handle with rivet attachment, tight reinforcement, ergonomically designed handle, soft and comfortable.

  • A suitable tool for frying, stewing, cooking, raising the lid of the bow pot, it is perfect for steaming and boiling soups.

  • Specifications:

    Condition: 100% brand new.

    Item Type: Frying Pan

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Color: as the picture shows.

    Handle size: approx.53 x 32 x 13cm.

    Weight: about 3244g.

    Suitable for gas, induction hobs, etc.

    Pot bottom: triple composite pot body.

    Package contents:

    1 x frying pan.

    1 cover per pot


    1. Clean with detergent for first use.

    2. Although stainless steel has strong resistance to acids and alkalis, it is not suitable for the long-term storage of foods with strong acids and alkalis.

    3. Do not burn the pot for a long time to avoid deformation and damage to parts.

    4. Avoid scalding with steam when the body of the pot is too hot. Wash the pot when it is hot. Stainless steel is easier to wash after heating. Due to the impure gas, after prolonged use, the appearance of stainless steel is easily yellowed by impurities from the gas. It is recommended to periodically clean the surface of the pot with detergent and maintenance agent.

    5. Do not spray salt when heating the empty pan to avoid corrosion of the stainless steel surface. After prolonged use, white spots sometimes form on the bottom of the pot, which are unwashed food and salt residues.

    6. If the food in the pan burns, just pour in some water and heat and clean it with a sponge and detergent. If it is badly burned, soak in water for 4-8 hours before washing.

    Wok Cooking Pot Non-Stick and Easy to Clean 53 X 32 X 13 cm - B09Z6JFDD6U