Organic Figs

One of the world's most healthy additions to any diet. They are harvested June through August.

Pricing Varies per Season

Organic Blackberries

Harvested from may to june, these sweet berries are a staple to central Texas. Delicious by themselves, jams, or baked goods. 


Organic Peaches

This juicy Texas favorite is harvested from May to June. Makes for delectable pie or jelly.

Pricing Varies per Season

Organic Apples

We've got five varieties of young green apple trees growing. We're excited to harvest these beauties when they're ready!

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Organic Green Beans

Hand picked green beans full of vitamins and fiber. They pop up in the spring and summer. 


Organic Squash

With both zucchini and yellow squash varieties these veggies make any meal more balanced. They sprout up spring to fall.

Pricing Varies

Organic Sweet Potatoes

Come get you some! A southern tradition and grounding vegetable for crazy times. Harvested deep in the heart of summer.

Pricing Varies per Season

Organic Cucumbers

Cooling and fresh, cucumbers are a must in the hot season. Picked during the summer when we need them most. 

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